Something to celebrate

The bottle of beer on the left had been tucked away in the back of the refrigerator for a few months. Duvel is probably my favorite beer in the world (and I love beer), but I was saving it for when I got a job offer. Well, I am still available for offers of employment, but I did have something else to celebrate.

Lynn and I met with my oncologist via video call on Tuesday to receive the good news. My scans are still clean. There were a couple of small things with my blood work (LDH at around 400 and liver enzymes just barely out of the standard range), but nothing he seem concerned about. I know I’m not concerned about it. He wished us both a great summer and I’m to schedule my next scans for four months from now. So Prost! to that.

In other news, today is our 16th wedding anniversary, so that is something else to celebrate. Today we stopped at a local ice cream stand for ice cream. It was our first “dining out” experience since COVID-19 up-ended all of our lives. We only stopped in because the place didn’t look busy. It wasn’t busy when we stopped, but by the time we placed our orders, paid, collected our ice creams and took them back to our car to eat them, the place got much busier. We saw several people not wearing masks, or not wearing them correctly. Is wearing a mask covering your mouth but not your nose a thing now? Anyway, we were both glad that we arrived when we did and we both enjoyed the hell out of our ice creams. Who knows, it may be a long time before we get another one.

As Warren Zevon saod, “Enjoy every sandwich.” Or ice cream. Or beer. Or moment.

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  1. Robin says:

    Good day.
    My husband and I have been following your blog since we found it. You are not alone in your journey as we are going thru a lot of the same things you are.

    Kidney cancer IV when diagnosed. Dana Farber. Went the immunotherapy route and ended up in the ICU with Diabetic Ketoasatosis. Type 1 diabetic now from the immunotherapy.

    Thank you both for sharing your story. We look forward to reading more posts from you.

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