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It has been a long time since I’ve posted here (that seems to be a recurring theme). In fact, I just noticed today that my website SSL certificate has been out-of-date since January. I renewed the certificate, but I neglected to install it, so visitors to this site have been seeing warnings telling them, since January, that this site cannot be trusted. And I didn’t know because I have not been posting, or even looking at this site. My apologies.

So today, I came to the site, planning to post an update and found to my surprise that the cert was bad. I thought I had taken care of it in January, but I had only renewed the certificate. You actually have to install it for the website to be marked “secure.” I knew that, but I guess I had other things on my mind in January. So I tried following the steps that my hosting provider has documented, but the steps were unnecessarily confusing. In my day job, I have managed production websites and I have installed certs before, but this was beyond my ability. Finally, I bit the bullet and called tech support. It took a while (about 2 hours), but the tech support person in Bulgaria, or wherever she was, was able to help me, but now I have it working. So now, if you click on the padlock icon to the left of this website in your browser (at least in Google Chrome), you will see that your connection is secure. is who it says it is. Rest assured. You’re safe here.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, what have I been doing since January? Well, I’ve had two sets of clear scans. The scans in February and the latest on September 1st show no change, which means No Evidence of Active Disease. Never say cured in this game, but I’m feeling pretty good. I meet with my doctor in a couple of weeks to go over the results, but I’m feeling very good. My expectation is that I will not need another scan for a year, which will be a relief. Scans are a pain in many ways. not the least of which is the nervousness before the scans and the waiting for the results. The time between getting the scans and getting the report from the radiologist is sometimes only a day, but that is a very stressful day. Even though I feel good, you never know what’s going on under the skin, you know? So yeah, I’m in no hurry to stick my body in another MRI or CT tube thing. Thanks, but no thanks.

Lynn and I have been kind of busy this summer. I’ll write more on that later, but I’d thought I’d lead with the good news on the melanoma front and then talk about the Good News on another day.

Peace and love to all!

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